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Postby Castlevanyan » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:08 am

Plagued in porn for many days
Tried and trained all my old waves
Spain won't drop out anytime
I give permission to lose my mind
Lots of hate, never knew she was
concentrated on the (?) curse
And I tell myself it's only time
before I fall or before I cry

Bob is all alone
Bobby's on the phone
Bob is always stoned
Bobby's on the phone

All I need is someone to hold
But first I need something like a soul
In just one minute, I will be
Frustration complaced with me
Compose my hand, baby one I need
I believe that I'm strong enough to destroy
and the kids (?) at my house
One at a time

Bobby's out cold
Bob is gonna phone
Bob is always stoned
Bobby's on the phone

*Listening to this line on headphones I can hear him goof the vox on the left audio track, especially on the 1999 Underground and Cemetaries/Railroads mixes
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